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Post details: Color Your World! Start With Jeans!
Color Your World! Start With Jeans!

When I was about seven, I had numerous pairs of colored jeans. I remember the uber-classy hunter green pair, the red pair and the pink pair— coupled with oversize cartoon character t-shirts, they were all essentials in the early 1990’s (especially if you wanted your third grade glass to like you). Today, however, I see these colored jeans making a comeback in updated shapes and cuts. And I love them just as much as I did when I was seven.

Just last week I wore my bright red-orange ankle jeans to the office with a black shirt and heels. These pants always get a reaction. They’re extremely stylish, but not at all for the faint of heart. After having a good laugh about these pants, one of the ladies in my office sent me a text message later that evening. Low and behold, she was catching up on the latest fashion magazines and came across a spread called, “Style Watch! Everyone’s wearing COLORED JEANS!”

Colored Jeans

Hello Hollywood! Looks like someone was a trendsetter before the paparazzi captured Cameron Diaz, Molly Sims or Khloe Kardashian Odom sporting about town in colorful denim. Pa-ting. Who's laughing now?

So if you want to be like me (or the stars), take this advice to wear colored denim in a carefully stylish way that gets compliments!

1) Get pants that fit. If you’re buying colored denim, don’t but anything that’s too tight—but on the flip side, don’t buy anything that’s too baggy. Make sure you opt for a fit that’s comfortable and has a liberal amount of stretch. If you’re wearing brightly colored pants (like red or green), the last thing you want people looking at is an unsightly silhouette. So choose pants that fit your body shape well and look for a skinny, short jean that hits right at the ankle.

2) Keep it simple. If your pants are brightly colored, your top shouldn’t be. With bright denim, keep the other elements of your outfit simple so you don’t look like a circus. Pair your colored denim with a solid t-shirt or sweater, and top things off with a solid colored blazer. Simple, solid colored accessories (such as gold or silver) will also keep your outfit grounded while adding a little edge and sparkle.

3) Add height. If you’re up for taking a colored denim fashion risk but worried about how colored jeans make your legs look, add some height to be supremely confident. A kitten heel, wedge sandal or stiletto will lengthen the leg and help you stride with pride. Flats or strappy shoes (like gladiator sandals) will shorten your leg.

Colored Denim Jeans

My pick for the season’s hottest colored jeans are by J Brand. Click here to get your very own pair (in a sassy color of your choosing).

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Comment from: Samantha [Visitor] ·
I love this blog! How did I not know about this sooner? The PPW calculator is awesome!
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Comment from: Emily [Member]
Thanks Samantha! I love your blog, too! The royal wedding post was fantastical! Glad you stopped by. That PPW calculator is so basic...yet really breaks it down for ya'!

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